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The Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMLTTB) is the government agency mandated by CAP 253A, Laws of Kenya to provide general supervision and control over the training, business, employment and practice of medical laboratory profession. This includes regulation of reagents and equipment used in medical laboratories in Kenya. KMLTTB also advises the government in all aspects thereof.

We are a progressive Organization

Our services are national and coordinated from headquarters in Nairobi to the counties and sub-counties through well-established structures and human resource. Specifically KMLTTB Offers the following services

  • Registration of training institutions
  • Inspection of training institutions
  • Support supervision for training institutions and medical laboratory facilities.
  • Indexing of students admitted to undertake MLS training.
  • Administration of competence examinations
    Continuous Professional Development(CPD) for professionals
  • Registration of CPD providers
  • Annual licensing of CPD providers
  • Registration of professionals
  • Annual licensing of professionals
  • Registration of vendors for invitro diagnostics
  • Validation of invitro diagnostics
  • Registration of invitro diagnostics
  • Licensing of invitro diagnostics
  • inspection and auditing of medical laboratory facilities
    Registration of medical laboratory facilities
  • Annual Licensing of medical laboratory facilities
  • Supporting medical suppliers with business opportunities referrals

Technical and Field Officers




The overall head of KMLTTB is the registrar/CEO who is also the Director of Medical Services at MOH, assisted by a dedicated management team comprising of heads of four core departments.

Indexing,Examinations, Registration and Personnel Licensing

labs' Registration, Licensing and Inspection

Validation of VitroDiagnostics

Corporate and administrative services

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