Registration Requirements


To get registered with the Board,requires that one does the Board Exam offered at the various registered institutions.The following are the basic requirements;

  1.  A copy of ID Card
  2. Two passport size photographs coloured
  3. A copy of academic certificate(KCSE)
  4. A copy of professional certificate
  5. Original indexing card
  6. Application fee Payment
  7. Board exam result slip

NB: Come with Originals for verification.



The following procedure applies for all who intend to register a laboratory facility

  • Application (Form M) is made to the board by the Medical superintendent and or the director of the laboratory, and a fee of 2,000/= for each application is charged. Payment is made directly either at equity or national bank (Click here for Account details)
  • The accounts department receives the payments and issues an original receipt.
  • Application form is filled and the applicants bring the following requirements (NB:     Original copies are required for verification).

For the laboratory superintendent;

  1. Certificate of KMLTTB registration
  2. Current renewal licence
  3. Document(s) showing five years of work experience under supervision.
  4. Appointment letter
  5. Acceptance Letter
  6. Copy of ID/Passport
  7. Curriculum Vitae

For the laboratory;

  1.  Sketch map of the laboratory location
  2. Certificate of registration (from AG )/letter of incorporation
  3. KMDPB/PPB/COC Registration certificate (for the attached laboratory)
  4. List of individual testing procedures
  5. List of equipments
  6. KRA PIN for the laboratory director
  7. Waste management certificate /Contract for waste disposal

These tests are checked with the KMLTTB classification checklist, and temporary class is given to enable payment of inspection, NB: class may change after inspection. The laboratory is then scheduled for inspection; inspection fee is based on the number of individual tests being done. It is after the inspection report and recommendation that the laboratory is registered (registration fee varies with class) NB:  ENSURE THAT THE INSPECTOR LEAVES YOU A COPY OF INSPECTION REPORT.