KMLTTB November 2019 is around the corner. Those whose applications for Board Examination were approved will be sitting exams from 18TH November to 22ND November 2019.  There are steps that candidates are expected to follow to become licensed medical laboratory practitioners in Kenya.

  You must attain particular cluster requirements to be indexed by KMLTTB as a student undertaking medical laboratory science. The second step is the successful completion of medical laboratory science training and graduation, which acts as a threshold in the selection of those qualified to do Board Examination. Passing Board examination is a prequalification for licensure, and that is why it’s very important for one to understand, with adjunct clarity, the Board Examination requirements.

KMLTTB Exam Requirements

Three categories of Board Examination Requirements exist:

  1. Pre-training requirements;
  2. Exam Application Requirements; and
  3. Exam Centre Requirements

Pre-training Requirements

KMLTTB oversees the training and practice of medical laboratory professionals. The pre-practice oversight is established through establishing contact between the Board and medical laboratory science trainees through the issuance of an Index number.   It is required of candidates to have a C- in English/Kiswahili, Chemistry, and Biology, a minimum of D+ in Physics/Mathematics, and mean grade of C- to enter certificate-level training. 

It should be noted that the Board is facing out Certificate level training and that those seeking to enter the profession will have to enroll for BSC or Diploma KMLTTB in an approved training institution.  For Diploma, one has to have a mean grade of C plain, and a C in English/Kiswahili, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics/ English.  For BSC, the requirement is a mean-grade of C+, and a C+ in English/Kiswahili, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics/ English. These requirements provide the framework for deciding the approval status of exam applications.

Exam Application Requirements

You will need to make an application for Board Examinations once you have completed your professional training.  Those applying for Board examination must include a KCSE/College Certificate, Completion Letter,  year 1-3 Transcripts for their application to be viable.  A fee of KSh. 15,000.00 applies for those booking for full-paper examination, that includes Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Hematology, Blood Transfusion, Histology, Parasitology, and Practical examinations.  Follow this link to see the November 2019 exam Timetable.

Exam Centre Requirements

KMLTTB sends SMS notifications to candidates on the approval status of their applications. Once that is done, candidates get informed of their exam center allocation as well as the exam timetable; both via official KMLTTB SMS. On the days of examination, candidates are required to carry their National ID, Indexing Card, and Exam payment receipt. Exam cards are issued on the first day of the in allocated exam centers.  This document summarizes the KMLTTB examination requirements.

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