About Us


Medical laboratory service is an honorable profession that is essential for the achievement of public health objectives in line with national communicable and noncommunicable disease outcomes. In protection of this interest, The Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMLTTB) was formed to protect medical laboratory service that serves humanity by prioritizing the seven principles of professionalism, excellence, integrity, accountability and transparency, innovation, ethical practice, and teamwork.

KMLTTB, established under Cap 253 A of the Laws of Kenya, is founded in the need protect the health of all Kenyans by ensuring compliance with standards for training, research, practice, and business in the Medical Laboratory Services sub-sector. Under Cap 253 A of the Laws of Kenya, the Board has gazetted other regulations to enable it to deliver its mandate as a body that oversees the practice and training of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists in Kenya.

Legal Notice No. 113 of 2011 gives the Board the mandate to regulate all In-vitro diagnostics to be used in the country. In addition the Board also screens, validates, certifies and registers products to be used in laboratory science practice. It also regulates the professional conduct of Medical Laboratory Scientists and oversees business practices in Medical Laboratory Science and Institutions that train Medical Laboratory Science prcatitioners. 

We focus on accountability and endeavor to an accountable, effective and efficient regulatory body promoting quality medical laboratory services for all.

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