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KMLTTB Prequalification Document 2016-2018

KMLTTB Prequalification Document 2016-2018 Click Here to Download


2 thoughts on “KMLTTB Prequalification Document 2016-2018

    • Dear Joyce Aloo,
      For you to process a license, all you need is to pay your annual license fees, in our bank account, then visit the board with your payment slip for your license to be processed.
      Your file has to be retrieved, verified for indexing, exam & other details before you are finally snapped a photo and a license card prepared real time.
      Please note that one has to be registered by the Board first, before being licensed.
      If you are not registered, you first book Board exam, pass then follow the above elaborated process.
      Please note that you also must be indexed by the Board for you to register for exam.
      We hope we have been of help to you
      Thank you

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